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Are You Ready?

You'll likely spend a lot of time this week trying to answer that question. The lists are endless this time of year. Are you ready for the travel? If you're lucky (depending on your definition) to not travel, are you ready for guests? Are you ready for the meal? And when the final piece of turkey is served, are you ready for shopping and the holidays? (P.S. Christmas is only 5 Mondays from today)

As we consider what we're thankful for this week, I challenge you to think about what you're ready for. At first this sounds like a "New Years Resolution" post (in some ways, this is a resolution). However, the definition of gratitude is the "readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness."

Showing appreciation and returning kindness. This is more than mailing your holiday cards and tins of chocolates or popcorn to your customers. People still crave the "human" element in their relationships. Yes, even with their iPhone glued to their face. Regardless of how often we push digital marketing with Bowe Digital, we stress the importance of human relationships. Returning kindness and showing gratitude isn't always easy so we're giving you Bowe Digital's three quick ways to show your customers gratitude this holiday season:

If you're a Bowe Digital partner, or you're one of the amazing individuals that referred us business this year, be on the lookout for some Bowe Digital gratitude and return of kindness in the near future!