The Bowe Digital team had the best time at ALTA ONE! It’s always invigorating to see several of our partners and friends in one place, and Wayne loves catching up with his old colleagues from the American Land Title Association.

If you were there, we hope you got a chance to stop by our booth. (We were in the middle of Market ONE room, so it was hard to miss us with our friend, Shane, from BombBomb.) We also loved the speaker at the first Omni Session, Sekou Andrews. The presenters were great the entire week, but the spoken word poet/motivational speaker’s message certainly resonated with us. Andrews latched onto the “defy convention” theme. Using a little wordplay, Andrews told us to embrace new ideas and to not be afraid to splash around and create a “Title Wave.” He challenged the crowd to be “bold enough to share who you are” with your potential customers.

Since storytelling is a big part of what we do at Bowe Digital, our team silently applauded that line from the audience. In fact, if you’re ready to put Andrews’ words in action for your company, we’d love to be the ones to help you tell your story better. Wayne was also one of presenters of one of the breakout sessions. He talked about digital marketing (of course).

Reminding the crowd that there is no “silver bullet” marketing solution, Wayne and his co-presenter, Dean Collura, gave five tips when it comes to improving your company’s digital presence with a multi-channel approach. Those five tips were:

  • Look over your website and make sure the messaging and language caters to the people you want to attract as customers.
  • Explore email marketing. We know it’s not 1998. (The year “You’ve Got Mail” came out.) But 20 years later, email marketing is one of the top ways for all industries to market to people already interested in your product or business (and a regular presence in their inbox keeps you top of mind with existing customers)
  • Claim your business listings. Two popular directory services are Google and Yelp, but there are more out there. Don’t be afraid to ask your customers for reviews on these pages either.
  • Experiment with digital ads. Every market is a bit different when it comes to the effectiveness of paid ads but commit a small (it can be $25 or less) amount to advertising on Google or Facebook.
  • Help your customers create organic, shareable social media content. Whether its Facebook, Instagram or something else, you want to be part of the celebration of your customers’ milestones in the digital world too. Let them know you have a Facebook page, so when they excitedly post about their new home, they can tag you too!

Huge congrats go out to Cynthia Blair too! She officially became the ALTA president for 2018-19, succeeding our friend Steve Day of Fidelity National Title Group. We know Cynthia, who is one of the founders of Blair Cato Pickren Casterline in South Carolina, will use her tenure to continue to do great things for ALTA and the entire land title insurance industry.

Splash, splash!

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