As you dive into ALTA ONE and experience all the Miami sun you can handle this week, keep in mind these five important marketing statistics for your title company. Your marketing should help create relationships, build your customer base and increase your bottom line.

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  1. 38% of salespeople (your business development team) think that getting a response from prospects is harder than ever
    • Are your marketing or sales teams having a tough time getting time with potential customers? Have you taken a step back to consider the way you’re marketing your business and gut-check with your clients to see if your strategy works? Bowe Digital can help you test your strategy and create a plan that works.
  2. 72% of adult internet users use Facebook
    • You’re not on Facebook because you don’t have time to post, right? Or maybe you’re worried about security risks? Or maybe you are on Facebook but you aren’t promoting your business regularly. Regardless, can you afford to miss out on marketing a space that 72% of the public uses often? Bowe Digital can help create a plan to make your marketing dollars go further.
  3. 59% of Instagram users use the app daily, with 35% visiting multiple times per day
    • We know, if Facebook seems daunting, then Instagram may seem impossible. However, it’s likely your buyers and sellers are celebrating their real estate experience on Instagram. Why not leverage that enthusiasm to support your business? Bowe Digital can help you engage your clients and increase your referral power.
  4. More than 50% of marketers who’ve been using social media for at least two years report it helped them improve sales
    • Did you just read that stat and think, “well, it certainly has done anything for us.” Bowe Digital can help manage your social media in a way that helps you build relationships and land more business. That’s the goal, right?
  5. 63% of marketers say generating leads and traffic is their top challenge
    • Challenge accepted. Bowe Digital’s Digital Check-Up provides you with our “Good, Bad & Ugly Report” on what’s going well, what doesn’t provide enough ROI and some recommendations on how to move forward in the future.

One or more of these statistics may be challenging your business today, however, we can help you find the opportunity in each area and give you more time to focus on other pieces of your business. Give us a shout at ALTA ONE this week or learn more at Bowe Digital at