Are you in a committed relationship with your business or are you just flirting with it?

Sometimes in a long-term relationship, or a marriage, we become “comfortable.” We have to work at remembering why we got into the relationship to begin with. Our business relationship is no different. We have to keep the “why” out in front.

Do you value loyalty and follow-through? How committed are you to your team? Is your support solid? Do you know how to improve your level of commitment? Let us look at how you might accomplish that.

It is not always common for a business to expressly share their core values with each team member. Your own team could be sharing what they think the core values are and may not realize they are not hitting the mark.

The definition of values is the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.  "your support is of great value" a person's principles or standards of behavior; one's judgment of what is important in life. "they internalize their parents' rules and values"

Take the time to help your team align these values with the company core values.

Core values are how you make decisions, plan strategies, and interact with each other and your stakeholders. Core values reflect what is important to the organization and its members. They are the essence of your company’s identity.

Does your business have a mission statement? Do the leaders in your company know what it is? Are the leaders of your business committed to the values shared in your statement?

If the last time you read your mission statement was when you launched a new website, or when you were hired, you’re missing an opportunity to revive your own commitment. If you have never reviewed this statement with your team, and insured its understanding, you are missing an opportunity to show how you support these values.

I challenge all leaders to make a list of your personal and business commitments. Do your commitments still align with your core values? You may find that you have commitments unrelated to your values. Reevaluate. You may also have values you are not living out. Commit to those.

Share with your team. Discuss with your team. What do they view as the direction of your business? What direction are they committed to follow? If you want to build a strong cohesive team you must be committed to helping your team grow as well as committing to your own growth as a leader.

If a team is expected to reach goals there must be a level of commitment. Sharing your commitment and enthusiasm helps to build a stronger foundation. Leaders must commit to reviewing the values and ensuring the goals are still aligned. Leaders must stand firm on matters that relate to your values.

Keep in mind you can not make a commitment to uncommitted people. The same is true in reverse. Regain the focus of your commitment. Increase your level of commitment. Find out how to tell your story the best way possible. Commit to landing your team’s commitment on the same page.

Bowe Digital can help you define your values and take your relationship with your business to the next level.  Telling your story is important and Bowe Digital is committed to showing you how to communicate your story better than you thought possible.