Last month I had the pleasure of speaking at ALTA's Innovation Boot Camp in Nashville, TN. It was a great experience with over 150 title pros coming together to talk about marketing and communications solutions for their business (sounds right up our alley, right?!).

By the way, there's ONE Innovation Boot Camp remaining in 2017. Sign up for Baltimore's Camp in August by clicking here today.

My co-presenter at the Boot Camp was Nicole Plath, CEO of Fortune Title Agency in New Jersey. Nicole and I delivered a presentation on the importance of updating your curb appeal before going after new real estate agents in your market.

We talk about the need to ensure your logo matches your brand. You need to make sure your networking has a purpose. And finally, you need to advertise.

Revamping your logo and advertising is a process that takes time and consideration. Too often companies promote a brand that exudes what they hope is happening within their four walls, however, that's not very appealing to an external audience, such as a potential real estate agent. You need to be thinking about the audience for your brand and if they understand or appreciate the information you're providing about your company. Not sure if your brand is working? Just ask! Call up a few of your real estate agents and ask them. Consider it a mini focus group from the comfort of your office.

I'd love to share more with you about my thoughts on branding and advertising. Email me today or let's get coffee and talk about how Bowe Digital can help with your brand!