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Bloggers gonna' blog, and we have some of the best who offer tips and tricks from the marketing industry, all our Bowe happenings, and fun facts. Check out some of our posts below for a quick read concerning things you could add to your toolbox.

Launching a Bright Idea

Jun 15, 2017
by Wayne Stanley
Here's an idea: empower companies to grow their business and better their bottom line by increasing their brand power and re-positioning their strengths. Sound good? Sure. Sound easy? No way. Yes, there are other companies that say they deliver on this promise. Strategies need tactics and vice versa. Some companies provide all the strategies but […]
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How Do You Innovate? (Really)

May 15, 2017
by Wayne Stanley
Innovation is a buzz word but it also has big meaning for any organization. Simply, innovation is the introduction of something new. That's a big step for most companies. New means change. Change means dealing with personalities. Personalities affect productivity. And productivity affects the bottom line. Our charge is that innovation is refreshing. As dangerous […]
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Phones > Toothbrushes (For Real)

May 12, 2017
by Wayne Stanley
Did you know more people own mobile phones than own toothbrushes? That's crazy right? It's the world we live in. If you haven't had a checkup on your digital presence, you should order one stat! Your digital checkup should include a fresh look at your social media presence, reevaluating your audience(s), how your team views […]
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