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Introducing Studio Days

There has never been a more important time for Realtors to explain their role in the real estate transaction and their worth to home buyers and sellers. Bowe Digital knows real estate. We know you need a partner to help you create consistent marketing while you're out creating relationships, working on referrals and making the sale.

Bowe Digital has a team of people dedicated to your business so that as your needs evolve (and we KNOW this market changes daily) we want to adapt to find success with you. We've outlined specific budgets for your consideration below. Everything is negotiable and custom on our part, so reach out to Bradley Erb anytime to talk about what a partnership with Bowe Digital may look like.

Services Priced to Meet Your Budget:

Social Media Content & Engagement

Up to 3 posts per week - $375
Up to 8 posts per weeks $550

*includes stories and reels | any social media platform | includes text number to send in local/in-the-moment images/video

Marketing Emails

1 per month $275
3 per month: $499

*includes content, design and distribution (with your provided contact list)

Design Collateral

1 piece/month: $225
2 pieces/month: $375

*includes flyers, postcards, invitations, handouts, slides

We are also excited to announce the creation of Studio Days. Bowe Digital Studio Days are designed to allow our team to join you (and/or your customers or colleagues) for 4 to 6 hours of video recording. Most use this time in 20-minute time blocks to record Instagram Stories/Reels, TikTok videos, videos for email or website and much more.

Learn more about Studio Days:

Studio Day:
4 hours: $200 plus team travel
6 hours: $350 plus team travel

Check Out Some Videos from Past Studio Days!