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Let’s face it! 2020 will be remembered for many things, and numerous crises will top the list. If the Bowe Digital team has learned anything at all, it’s that there is no time to plan when a crisis hits. Being proactive with a crisis management plan can help keep your company, employees and you stay calm, cool and collected.

Last month, our leader, Wayne Stanley, and our good Bowe Digital friend, Patrick Harris from Western Title Company in Reno, Nevada, teamed up for a great presentation at ALTA ONE. Their focus? Four particular Do’s and Don’ts titled, “Nobody Panic! Acing Your Next Crisis.” Above anything else, it is important to have a plan...and sticking your head in the sand cannot be the plan. To maintain your company’s reputation, be upfront and honest about what you are experiencing and what comes next.

The four Do’s and Don’ts that can help you ace your next crisis are:

  1. Be prepared. Brainstorm four crisis scenarios, and develop a plan for each one. Just like a routine fire drill, it is important to practice the scenarios and plan with your team so each member knows who is doing what, when and how.
  2. Know your crisis response team. This team is critical. You know your people, and this team needs speed, efficiency, confidence and decision-making skills. This is not a job for the office gossip. Choose wisely, and prepare them to react quickly and calmly.
  3. Communicate fast with transparency. When the crisis hits, remember that you have prepared for it and get to work. Tell it all, and be honest. If you can’t fix what is happening, say that, and while humor can be effective, this might not be the time for it. Read the room.
  4. Own your mistakes. We all mess up, and when you do, take responsibility. Gather all the facts, and stay calm. Round up the troops, and reward team members who support your organization and you during this time. Tell your story with confidence, and be consistent.

With proper preparation, patience and planning, your company will show your customers that they made the right decision to choose you...even during a crisis. It’s an opportunity to promote your hard work and ability to adapt. In addition, Bowe Digital can help you develop a plan that works for your team. You can contact Bradley Erb at with any questions concerning crisis management planning. We look forward to hearing from you!