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The Bowe Digital team had the best time at ALTA ONE! It’s always invigorating to see several of our partners and friends in one place, and Wayne loves catching up with his old colleagues from the American Land Title Association.

If you were there, we hope you got a chance to stop by our booth. (We were in the middle of Market ONE room, so it was hard to miss us with our friend, Shane, from BombBomb.) We also loved the speaker at the first Omni Session, Sekou Andrews. The presenters were great the entire week, but the spoken word poet/motivational speaker’s message certainly resonated with us. Andrews latched onto the “defy convention” theme. Using a little wordplay, Andrews told us to embrace new ideas and to not be afraid to splash around and create a “Title Wave.” He challenged the crowd to be “bold enough to share who you are” with your potential customers.

Since storytelling is a big part of what we do at Bowe Digital, our team silently applauded that line from the audience. In fact, if you’re ready to put Andrews’ words in action for your company, we’d love to be the ones to help you tell your story better. Wayne was also one of presenters of one of the breakout sessions. He talked about digital marketing (of course).

Reminding the crowd that there is no “silver bullet” marketing solution, Wayne and his co-presenter, Dean Collura, gave five tips when it comes to improving your company’s digital presence with a multi-channel approach. Those five tips were:

Huge congrats go out to Cynthia Blair too! She officially became the ALTA president for 2018-19, succeeding our friend Steve Day of Fidelity National Title Group. We know Cynthia, who is one of the founders of Blair Cato Pickren Casterline in South Carolina, will use her tenure to continue to do great things for ALTA and the entire land title insurance industry.

Splash, splash!

Ready to reconnect with Bowe Digital, no matter if we met in LA or way before then? Great! Contact us today.

Happy fall, y’all.

October is certainly busy for us, just like it is for so many of you! We’re putting the finishing touches on a new and gearing up for ALTA ONE, the national conference put on by the American Land Title Association.

It’s going to be great to talk to so many of our partners, and Wayne will be co-presenting a session called, “Are You Speaking To Me? A Blueprint for 5 Must Have Digital Marketing Channels.” We’ll give you a recap of what he says and everything else that we learn during the conference for you. We’re sure we’ll pick up lots of things we can use for our non-land title partners and future customers too.

For those of you joining our team at ALTA ONE in California, Wayne’s talk happens on Oct. 10 (that’s Wednesday) at 10:30 a.m. Be sure to stop by the Bowe Digital booth during the week too. We’ll have lots of cool stuff, and we love meeting new people. (Old friends are always welcome to stop and chat too.)

We’ve gotten lots of compliments on our first website during our first year in business. It will always have a place in our hearts, but we can’t wait to show you the new It’s just so warm and inviting. You’ll see the faces of the entire Bowe Digital team sprinkled throughout, and even though some of us were nervous about the photoshoot, the pictures turned out great.

The new site also better highlights why Wayne named the company Bowe Digital. (Hint, it’s to honor his grandfather.) There has always been a blurb about Bowe on our page, but the redesign truly showcases it. We love that!

Our website redesign is a great example of what we can do for our partners. Anything can be improved and honed. Don’t wait until you’re behind to figure out how you can do something better. If you have any marketing desires you’d like to see become a reality, contact Bowe Digital today.

Marketing is an important component during mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are huge steps for any company to take. Media relations during an acquisition or merger are crucial. Bowe Digital can help make the transition smooth for your business and ensure success. Let's talk today about what we can do to help with any future merger or acquisitions.

From press releases and media relations to advertisements and social media content, we've got you covered.

You need a pro. Put a Bowe on it.

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Unless you've been living under a very peaceful rock, you've noticed that the title insurance industry is in a major transition. New, more tech-savvy homebuyers are changing the industry by researching online and shopping around for different title companies. While every industry professional has noticed these changes, many are too busy to explore new forms of customer interaction. You've heard the calls to market yourself in new ways and harness social media, but how do you get started? Bring your title company into the 21st century with these three steps.

1. Meet your potential customers wherever they are.

In 2018, that obviously means investing in tools that maximize your exposure. But simply being there and utilizing the web for peak marketability are two different things. We want you to do the latter.

Verify your business on Google

Google is obviously the king of the internet as the most visited website in the world. "Google" as a verb has been in our vocabulary for years. This will be the first place a new home buyer goes to figure out what title insurance is, if you have any ratings from past customers and why they should pay you for your services, so your business should be prominently promoted with its own page. If you really want to harness customer ratings, contact us today.

Perfect a Facebook page

Pretty much everyone in the United States has a Facebook page, which means your business probably has one too. In fact, 2.2 billion people around the world use Facebook. But are you using it effectively? Make sure you have enough information in your "About" section to hook people who are browsing your page and make sure Facebook messages are enabled so customers can get in touch easily. Remember, Facebook might be the first time potential clients are looking at your business, so make a great initial impression! If you really want to set yourself apart, let's talk about developing a Chat Bot for your Facebook page!

Make a Linkedin page

Linkedin is no longer just for job seekers, it's also the place to update consumers with news about your business and your industry. It's a great venue to market yourself as a thought leader in the title industry and allows your employees to act as ambassadors for your business with their personal pages. We can help with creating too—let's talk.

Claim your Yelp page

As the top review site, Yelp is extremely important to your company's online brand. An unclaimed Yelp page can be even worse than bad reviews because it seems like your business doesn't even exist!

97% of consumers use the internet to find a business and 84% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Modern consumers don't want to complete such an important transaction with a company they can't find on any one of these sites. To ensure you aren't left in the internet dust, get a Bowe Digital digital checkup of your online presence today.

2. Ask for reviews

If the last paragraph inspired you to verify your business on Google, that's a great start. But your new page won't be its most effective without reviews because they can influence your rankings on Google searches. if you want to ramp this ranking up, contact the five best consumers that you've worked with in the past month and ask them to leave a review on any one of your new pages. Also remember, it's not just Google potential customers are finding you on. Good Facebook and Yelp reviews will entice people who know nothing else about you to check you out. No matter the platform, these testimonials provide legitimacy to your business listing.

3. Create content explaining WHY

Now that new consumers can find you and past clients are raving about you, it's time for you to communicate more directly. Create content that explains why they need title insurance and why they should select your company. Videos, social media posts and short, punchy blogs are the best ways to connect with and inform your consumers. Once you start creating content, a consistent social media strategy is key. You are much more likely to reach consumers by posting several times per week rather than a couple times a month.

Patrick Russo is a summer intern at Bowe Digital. He recently graduated from the University of Maryland with degrees in Marketing and Government and Politics. As part of the fourth generation of his family to in the title industry, Patrick has been hearing about title for his entire life. Now he loves to write about it. Intrigued by what Patrick just said but need a little help getting everything started? Bowe Digital wants to help! Contact us today at

Bowe Digital recently celebrated its one-year anniversary. Having been with Bowe from the start, I find it incredible how quickly we've grown, all the while helping each of our partners do the same. Considering my ideal industry is the world of culinary and food writing, I had lots to learn from the beginning simply from an industry standpoint. But it certainly has been worth it. Working with our partners and helping them achieve their marketing goals is so rewarding.


Three Things You Should Know About Bowe Digital:

1. Who are we?
Simply put, we are a digital marketing company that builds a power for your brand that other marketing firms can't. With our incredible service and drive, we can bring your company to the next level before your competition.

2. What sets us apart?
Our team is a tightly-knit group of people that is focused on improving the image of our partners. We know that the work they do is incredible, and the passion they have for this industry makes them amazing to work with. What sets us apart is the drive and knowledge we have to help shape the image our partners desire, so they can get the recognition (and business) they deserve.

3. What services does Bowe Digital offer?
Our services range from media management to a total marketing overhaul. We survey your customers to determine their favorite aspects of working with you. Bowe Digital offers Digital Check Ups to let you know what works best for your company and what improvements can be made. We then develop you a brand message and marketing plans based on that research. We'll fine-tune our strategy to whatever is best for you.

Bowe Digital has given me the opportunity to grow and learn about an industry that can be applied to any other line of work in the future. It's been an experience more valuable than I ever imagined. I've developed skills in marketing social media concepts as well as expanded my knowledge of accounting as I worked on managing invoices for our partners, even as I left Indiana to continue my studies in North Carolina. Being able to step away for a short time and then return, the impact of Bowe Digital's evolution is not lost on me.

Just one year ago, we were only doing some marketing work for a few title companies. That itself is a testament to the reputation my brother built during his time with the American Land Title Association. In fact, ALTA wanted to be – and was – one of our first clients. However, over the past six months alone, Bowe Digital has blown up to be the premier choice for marketing in the title industry. We have expanded from just my brother and me to an incredible team of six people. This great group now works alongside and betters more than 40 companies across the USA.

Though a majority of our work this first year has been working with companies and people in the in the title industry, our repertoire at Bowe Digital is diverse enough to aid a wide range of partners. As I rejoin the team this summer, I am excited to be a part of this expansion. Want to be a part of our future and achieve your goals at the same time? Let's talk.

Kolton Davis helps keep the trains moving in the Bowe Digital world and was Wayne's first employee. He's a pro at managing the company invoice system and is spending the summer doing blog posts and other tasks for Bowe Digital and our partners to satisfy his love of writing and desire to learn about new topics. Kolton is a chef-in-the-making and is finishing his culinary arts degree. He has a passion for writing, so becoming a food critic is also on the table.

By now you've heard that Bowe Digital is your Business Best Friend (it's true, look it up). As we dive head first into the holiday season, we know you're going to have tons of opportunities for photos with the other BFFs in your life (BFF=best friends forever).

And as it turns out, Bowe Digital has a serious case of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)! We want to see how you and your Holiday BFF relax, have fun, dress up and maybe even party this month!

So, here's the deal...take a pic (or 10) with your Holiday BFFs and share them on our Bowe Digital Facebook page by clicking here. Each photo you share enters you to win 15% off your social media management for 2018 and a sweet new Google Home Mini. Can't beat that, right? See, serious FOMO over here!

Your Holiday BFF might be your spouse, dog, co-workers, church group, kids...who are we to say who you relax and enjoy the season with? Now start posting those pics!

Are You Ready?

You'll likely spend a lot of time this week trying to answer that question. The lists are endless this time of year. Are you ready for the travel? If you're lucky (depending on your definition) to not travel, are you ready for guests? Are you ready for the meal? And when the final piece of turkey is served, are you ready for shopping and the holidays? (P.S. Christmas is only 5 Mondays from today)

As we consider what we're thankful for this week, I challenge you to think about what you're ready for. At first this sounds like a "New Years Resolution" post (in some ways, this is a resolution). However, the definition of gratitude is the "readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness."

Showing appreciation and returning kindness. This is more than mailing your holiday cards and tins of chocolates or popcorn to your customers. People still crave the "human" element in their relationships. Yes, even with their iPhone glued to their face. Regardless of how often we push digital marketing with Bowe Digital, we stress the importance of human relationships. Returning kindness and showing gratitude isn't always easy so we're giving you Bowe Digital's three quick ways to show your customers gratitude this holiday season:

If you're a Bowe Digital partner, or you're one of the amazing individuals that referred us business this year, be on the lookout for some Bowe Digital gratitude and return of kindness in the near future!

As you dive into ALTA ONE and experience all the Miami sun you can handle this week, keep in mind these five important marketing statistics for your title company. Your marketing should help create relationships, build your customer base and increase your bottom line.

Want to talk more at #ALTA17? Text Wayne Stanley at 765-432-7094 or at Heather Pottorff 317-410-1690 today!

  1. 38% of salespeople (your business development team) think that getting a response from prospects is harder than ever
    • Are your marketing or sales teams having a tough time getting time with potential customers? Have you taken a step back to consider the way you’re marketing your business and gut-check with your clients to see if your strategy works? Bowe Digital can help you test your strategy and create a plan that works.
  2. 72% of adult internet users use Facebook
    • You’re not on Facebook because you don’t have time to post, right? Or maybe you’re worried about security risks? Or maybe you are on Facebook but you aren’t promoting your business regularly. Regardless, can you afford to miss out on marketing a space that 72% of the public uses often? Bowe Digital can help create a plan to make your marketing dollars go further.
  3. 59% of Instagram users use the app daily, with 35% visiting multiple times per day
    • We know, if Facebook seems daunting, then Instagram may seem impossible. However, it’s likely your buyers and sellers are celebrating their real estate experience on Instagram. Why not leverage that enthusiasm to support your business? Bowe Digital can help you engage your clients and increase your referral power.
  4. More than 50% of marketers who’ve been using social media for at least two years report it helped them improve sales
    • Did you just read that stat and think, “well, it certainly has done anything for us.” Bowe Digital can help manage your social media in a way that helps you build relationships and land more business. That’s the goal, right?
  5. 63% of marketers say generating leads and traffic is their top challenge
    • Challenge accepted. Bowe Digital’s Digital Check-Up provides you with our “Good, Bad & Ugly Report” on what’s going well, what doesn’t provide enough ROI and some recommendations on how to move forward in the future.

One or more of these statistics may be challenging your business today, however, we can help you find the opportunity in each area and give you more time to focus on other pieces of your business. Give us a shout at ALTA ONE this week or learn more at Bowe Digital at

Everyone knows man's best friend--your beloved pup. Your dog is always there for you, enthusiastic each time they see you and ready for play time at any given moment.

Have you thought about who your business best friend is? The same characteristics apply and you should be mindful of that when determining whom is best to help your company succeed.

Always There for You

Your business best friend should be a partner, not a checklist item or cog in your wheel. Your business best friend should be available for your company's needs at all times. They should anticipate what you need in the future and how they can help you succeed. Finding a partner that listens more than they speak can change your perspective for the better.

Enthusiasm is Key

Your business best friend should believe in your business. Your business best friend should be a champion for your goals and aspirations. They should give you feedback and ideas that move your company forward. Innovation is hard but a good business best friend helps you find the right path, and the right speed, to move forward. A partner can't help you succeed if they can't match your passion.

Ready for Play

At Bowe Digital, we believe the best pizza nights are spent celebrating wins. Your business best friend should be there to put in the hard work up front and then remind you when to celebrate the small things. Treats aren't just for your pup, they remind you to pause to acknowledge work well done.

Bowe Digital wants to be your business best friend.

You need a partner that understands how to market your company in today's world. We can provide a Digital Check Up of your company to give you our "Good, Bad and Ugly" report of what's working well, what you can do better and what isn't worth your time. We can manage your social media in a meaningful way that builds your brand and gives your company a voice. And obviously, we'll celebrate all your wins with the enthusiasm you deserve.

Let's talk today! 312-818-BOWE

Last month I had the pleasure of speaking at ALTA's Innovation Boot Camp in Nashville, TN. It was a great experience with over 150 title pros coming together to talk about marketing and communications solutions for their business (sounds right up our alley, right?!).

By the way, there's ONE Innovation Boot Camp remaining in 2017. Sign up for Baltimore's Camp in August by clicking here today.

My co-presenter at the Boot Camp was Nicole Plath, CEO of Fortune Title Agency in New Jersey. Nicole and I delivered a presentation on the importance of updating your curb appeal before going after new real estate agents in your market.

We talk about the need to ensure your logo matches your brand. You need to make sure your networking has a purpose. And finally, you need to advertise.

Revamping your logo and advertising is a process that takes time and consideration. Too often companies promote a brand that exudes what they hope is happening within their four walls, however, that's not very appealing to an external audience, such as a potential real estate agent. You need to be thinking about the audience for your brand and if they understand or appreciate the information you're providing about your company. Not sure if your brand is working? Just ask! Call up a few of your real estate agents and ask them. Consider it a mini focus group from the comfort of your office.

I'd love to share more with you about my thoughts on branding and advertising. Email me today or let's get coffee and talk about how Bowe Digital can help with your brand!