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Think about the bloggers and columnists you read – or the Twitter and Instagram influencers you consider must-follows. Why do you keep tabs on these people and gobble up every word they say, whether you agree with their take or not? Because they’re engaging and entertaining.

Your work blog, marketing email and social media presence can be that same kind of brand amplifier for you and your company as a viral post is for influencers. It all comes down to creating the right content.

But how do you start doing that? My first tip might sound simple, but it truly is important: Don’t overthink it. Sure, you want to put an informative message out there, and that’s great, but you also need to make sure you’re generating stuff that is engaging and fun too.

That being said, starting a blog or a new campaign takes dedication. if you are planning a launch of either soon, make sure you have a plan to get started and are committed to the cause. It’s going to take some time to find your niche, but it’s well worth it. Casey addressed the importance of planning for social media last month, and it applies here too.

I wish I could sit here and tell you there’s a magic formula to finding your voice and building a following, but there’s not. Experiment and see what works for you as the creator – and for your unique audience. Remember just because you’re keeping it professional doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. Your readers and followers want to be entertained as you teach them something new. After all, they are coming to YOU for this content. Don’t be afraid to put your unique spin on things.

While all of us at Bowe Digital would love to see you become thought leaders in your area of expertise, also don’t be afraid to branch out into related areas. Show your audience you’re a community expert -- not just a real estate one – and write about your favorite restaurants, activities, landmarks or charitable causes.

One final tip: Don’t forget to evaluate it from a receiver’s (reader, viewer) perspective. Ask yourself if someone else created this content would you take time to engage with it. If the answer is no, re-work it until it is or scrap the idea. Let yourself be a gatekeeper to your own content and don’t be afraid to ask a co-worker or friend for second opinion.

We all know at this point that social media is a vital part of any digital media strategy. After all, most Americans check in on social media daily – making it a great channel for meeting people where they already are. And while it’s true that something is almost always better than nothing when it comes to marketing, social media is no exception to the rule that you can only get to your destination if you know where to go.

In other words, it’s good to have a goal.

So here are some things to keep in mind as you’re setting these goals and using them as a foundation to build your marketing strategy in the coming months.

  1.  Know what you’re trying to accomplish. Social media can contribute in many different ways to your overall digital strategy – anything from increasing brand awareness, to community engagement, to content distribution. Each of these outcomes requires a different approach, so it is crucial to know ahead of time what target you’re aiming for.
  2. Have a plan. Posting whatever is on your mind, whenever it crosses your mind, might not be the best approach to your company’s social media strategy. Having a well-thought-out, cohesive content plan in place helps you better coordinate your social efforts with the rest of your marketing tactics, and ultimately ensuring that your work aligns.
  3. Set measurable goals – and then measure them. If you haven’t encountered SMART goalsetting before, do yourself a favor and start incorporating them into your business today. But just as important as setting measurable, attainable goals is tracking your progress towards that goal. Set a system in place to check in on your progress frequently and leave room in your strategy to shift gears if what you’re doing isn’t working for you.

No matter what exactly you’re hoping to achieve with social media, having a clear objective is critical for success. Still unsure of where to take your company’s social strategy? The team at Bowe Digital can help you turn your fuzzy ideas into a clear blueprint for success. Contact us today!