Every legend began as a rookie. With the help of this month's trends report, you can hit your videos out of the park and gain new fans for your business! The great thing about creating video content is that you don’t have to be a pro. Plenty of people who go viral on TikTok or Reels start out with few to no followers. Your main goal should be to create content that is authentic, relatable and entertaining. Everything else will come with time and practice.

Bowe Digital is here to coach you through this season on social media and every season after. We’ll be sharing an update on what’s trending each month on video and audio, and all you have to do is get behind the camera. If you need help getting started on TikTok, check out our TikTok ebook. We also offer Studio Days, where our team will join you for 4 to 6 hours of video recording at a great price. 

The Only Thing That Can Calm Me Down Video Trend

We all get stressed at work. The question is who or what calms you down? You can participate in this trend with your favorite coworker or an office pet, like this example, or you can get more creative. Some people like @thatstheguyfromtiktok have put their twist on the trend, highlighting what things calm them down – like simply leaving the office or having a sweet treat

Normalize Naming Your Kid After Something You Love Video Trend

From the Stormi Kardashians to the Malibu Barbie Paytas-Hacmons of the world, people are getting more creative when naming their children. This video trend tells us to throw out all the rules and normalize naming our kids after anything we love–no matter how ridiculous. Examples like this one can work for any industry, and the best part is you don’t even have to be in the video if you don’t want to be. Check out this example that uses pictures only. This trend is all jokes, but if you decide to name your next kid Bowe Digital, you won’t hear any complaints from us!

Remember, you never know how long a trend may last, so take a look at these past trends.

Is Somebody Gonna Match My Freak Audio

We’re all freaks in one way or another, and despite the somewhat scandalous song choice, this audio trend has become quite wholesome. Even Love on the Spectrum star Connor Tomlinson has used it. Check out his example. Then try lip-syncing the words yourself and add text over the top about one of your quirks. It can be anything you do differently than your coworkers or customers, in or outside of work. 

Just Here For the Zipline Audio

If your company offers extra perks like a really great drink fridge or snack bar, catered lunch or a four-day workweek, this could be the perfect trend for you. The audio pokes fun at anyone showing up somewhere for the “wrong reasons,” so think about what motivates you to go to work other than the work itself and recruit one of your teammates to film it with you, like this

A Picture From Every Month CapCut Template

It feels like we blinked, and it was June. This CapCut is a great way to commemorate the year so far, but you must act fast! All you have to do is gather one picture from each month of you and your team around the office, at conferences and events or team outings. Pro tip: The dates don’t have to be exact. After all, no one but you will know. 

I Am So Talented CapCut Template

Be your own hype person and use this CapCut to show off something you’re an expert at or anything, small or big, that you’re proud of. Here’s an example.

What’s Bowe Up To? 

Celebrating seven fantastic years of helping small businesses tell their stories through custom marketing. Shout out to all our supporters!! Here are seven things we’re proud of and doing differently this year:

  • Bowe Digital was named one of the Best Places to Work in Indiana in 2024 for the third year in a row.
  • Wayne was named a 2024 Rising Star by HousingWire. 
  • We’ve attended and spoken at over 20 conferences and events and connected with new and familiar faces.
  • We unveiled our new Trends Blog to help our customers take advantage of the most popular video, audio and CapCut trends each month.
  • We started creating more video content for our partners’ social media platforms.
  • Our entire team participated in training courses to sharpen their skills, and one team member earned his Digital Marketing Certification.
  • We introduced new on-site services (ask us what they are) and grew our affiliated companies: Growth House, Title Success and Railroad Marketing.

We’ll update you with new trends each month, so bookmark this page for future reference. If you want help incorporating trends into your marketing, contact Bradley Erb on our team at bradley@bowedigital.com. Learn more about our services at bowedigital.com.