Over 100 million people will tune in for Super Bowl LVIII on Sunday night to watch the Kansas City Chiefs play the San Francisco 49ers. But we’ll let you in on a secret: it’s not because of the Chiefs' recent rise in PR – people will watch no matter who’s playing the game. The Super Bowl is one of the most viewed events every single year. What makes it so successful? There’s something in it for everyone. From the big game and halftime performances to highly anticipated commercials and spin-off events like the Puppy Bowl, there’s a lot you can learn, and Bowe Digital is here to help.

The Big Game

The Super Bowl is the grand finale of the 2024 season, and each element brings in a new audience. Football fans will watch the game to see how it all ends, Swifties will tune in for a glimpse or two of Taylor on the big screen, fans who’ve Got It Bad for Usher will stick around for his halftime performance and the people who “just hope both teams have fun” will welcome the excuse to gather with friends and eat football shaped appetizers. 

As game day approaches, the Chiefs and 49ers will study each other's game tapes and highlight reels. Sunday night, they’ll put on their uniforms, proudly displaying their team logos as they battle it out, and fans will do the same. 

Here’s what you can learn:

The events you attend may not be as big as the Super Bowl, but there’s no reason you can’t rep your team. Don’t miss an opportunity to show who you play for by wearing company gear whenever you’re on the go. Prep for events by creating a highlight reel or elevator pitch about your products or services and push it out on all platforms (use video!). Lastly, and this one might seem obvious, be friendly. Follow Jason Kelce’s lead by being so likable that even the other team’s fans cheer you on.

Commercials Worth Watching

One of the only times people will watch commercials without complaining is during the Super Bowl. Some successful ones include Kia’s robo-dog commercial highlighting their electric vehicles, Heineken’s commercial with Marvel Studios, and Best Buy’s ‘Asking Amy’ commercial, which aired during the peak of her show Parks & Recreation. What do they all have in common? They mimic the trends happening in real life–whether in pop culture or the world. Heineken, for example, chose to promote their non-alcoholic beverages despite being known as an alcoholic beer brand. They recognized that their audience was becoming more health and wellness-oriented and followed suit. These brands also decided to take a light and comedic approach despite difficult things happening in the world around the time they aired.

Here’s what you can learn:

It’s okay to try different things and target different groups of people. Not every email, post or blog needs to resonate with your entire audience. Play with pop culture, humor and nostalgia. Post a Drake meme like this one from Title Success and an educational video like this one from Southern Loan Servicing and see what happens. 

Always pay attention to the world around you and create contextually relevant content that people can relate to in the moment. For example, if you’re seeing a climate change trend in the news, take the opportunity to highlight the green initiatives or projects you’ve worked on. Use your best judgment when it comes to tone.

The Puppy Bowl

None of the football, all of the hype. On February 11, the same day as the big game, you can watch a feel-good competition between Team Ruff and Team Fluff to win the Lombarky trophy. While the televised event really just consists of adorable puppies and kittens running around aimlessly, it has a greater purpose. Animal Planet capitalizes on the attention that the Super Bowl generates to shine a light on animal adoption. All “players” are adoptable, and the event boasts a 100% adoption rate.

Here’s what you can learn:

Yes, it helps that puppies and kittens are adorable, but we think you’re pretty cute yourself. If a trending event or topic doesn’t seem directly related to what you do, you can still spin it to work for your company and draw more attention to your business. 

Let Super Bowl LVIII inspire you to try some super marketing tactics at in-person events, on social media and in your marketing collateral. Bowe Digital is here whether you need us to cheer you on from the sidelines or join your team to get you to the endzone with custom marketing. Contact Bradley Erb on our team at bradley@bowedigital.com. Learn more about our services at bowedigital.com.