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We value our Bowe Digital partners greatly. We work to show gratitude for those that put their trust in us to deliver a better story to their customers. Check out what some of our partners have to say below!
I appreciate Bowe for the fact that they have a large group of personnel and whenever we have an issue and someone is not available someone else will help and figure out the issue.
Jennifer Rollins
Kokomo Symphonic Society
We talked to Bowe about wanting to design a website and in doing that we wanted our website to show up on Google and have a strong presence so we started talking to them about SEO work. We came up with a game plan and they hit the ground running.
Lindsay Ousley and Shannelle Cahill
Real Estate Team with The Wyman Group
We engaged Bowe Digital on a small scale to assist with social and press and our relationship has just blossomed from there. The single biggest thing Bowe Digital did for us was assessing our brand across the industry in better defining who we are as a company. We truly have a better understanding of who we are because of Bowe Digital. We've really found our voice.
Jeffrey Bates
CEO - D. Bello
Wayne is not only a good friend, he's an extremely valuable asset to my business. Bowe handles all our social media and monthly newsletters that go out. The content is always very pertinent. It's a great relationship and I'm very happy to have them as a partner.
Nicole Timpanaro
CEO - Fortune Title Agency
Bowe Digital gets things done for us. Bowe Digital keeps us moving forward and keeps us consistent with our branding on digital and print marketing. The better you have a relationship with a vendor such as Bowe Digital, the more likely they will understand your business and provide you with ways to be competitive in the market. Bowe Digital definitely understands the title insurance business and they understand our relationship with them. Bowe Digital has made our lives a lot easier and we appreciate our partnership.
Felecia Burke
Director of Education & Sales Training
I love Bowe Digital because they've become friends and not just firm associates. They also understand the industry. Title Insurance as we know, is not the easiest thing to explain or even try to sell. They help me sell to the consumer which has been huge! They are truly a company I enjoy working with and will be working with them for several years.
Shonna Cardello
President - White Rose Settlement Services
It was important to us to partner with a company that understands this world, and Bowe Digital definitely checks that box. Bowe Digital helps us in other areas too, including email campaigns, messaging and also artwork creation for industry conferences. The Bowe Digital team is accessible, responsive and generally cares about our partnership and the relationship that drives it.
Ryan Anderson
Founding Partner - Anderson|Biro
I knew we needed to do social media as it was kind of the way of the world but I was kind of hesitant to do it because I didn't really have the time. It has been really helpful to me to work with Bowe Digital because they advise us as to what platforms to be on for our industry, all the posts are really professional and highlight things we are doing. They know a lot about our industry and didn't have to explain title insurance to them which has been very helpful.
Meghan Pfanstiel
Executive Director - Land Title Association of Colorado (LTAC)
I had a need for some marketing assistance for our brand and we reached out to Bowe Digital and within a few days we had them on board and were able to get our process up and running. It has been seamless working hand and hand with them. We are thrilled to have them and they are wonderful partners for those of us in the title industry.
Jenny Martin
Senior VP & Corporate Business Development Director - Futura Title
It's extremely important to any business, especially a small business to have a good presence online. They have been absolutely the best at helping us stay in front of everybody and on top of it with their daily posts, emails and marketing.
Kayla Keith
Manager - Jefferson House of Flowers & Boutique
Ryan Yu
While we’ve been in the industry for a significant amount of time, historically we haven’t put a lot of emphasis on our digital content. Bowe Digital made it really easy for us to establish our digital footprint as well as tell our story in a very short amount of time. Bowe Digital is continuing to hold our hand throughout the whole process and providing their expertise. Working with Bowe Digital is like having your own in-house Marketing team!
Ryan Yu
Paradigm Title & Escrow
Jackie Spillman
I hired Bowe Digital to help with your marketing efforts and my experience has been stellar. Each of their team has provided value and been communicative. I was most impressed with the way they listened to me. They wanted to know my goals, my story and they paid attention. They have woven it into every piece of the marketing process. I would highly recommend Bowe Digital--they're wonderful!
Jackie Spillman
Owner of Lone Star Signing
Bowe Digital understands the title industry inside and out. Wayne and his team are great to work with and I highly recommend that you work with them too.
Betsy Russo
Owner, MCP Title Services
Linda Alwood
One of the main sources of income for our conventions are our vendors. Bowe Digital put together a great video showing them how to use our virtual platform and get the most out of any meeting. I have a tremendous amount of confidence in the staff at Bowe Digital in the way they communicate with my team and members.
Linda Alwood
Owner, River Management Enterprise
Linda Alwood
Bowe Digital helped us source a platform that works for our organization, trained our speakers and helped with technical problems that our staff wouldn't have been able to answer. It gave me a feeling of confidence that with Bowe Digital behind us our conference would be a success.
Linda Alwood
Owner, River Management Enterprise
Linda Alwood
Bowe Digital took a huge load off of our staff. I knew the work would be done professionally and make us all look good. I strongly support Bowe Digital and would recommend them to any of my colleagues.
Linda Alwood
Owner, River Management Enterprise
Lisa Steele Testimonial
Bowe Digital provides excellent customer service, their content is relevant and timely. They do a great job of targeting the message and they make my life easier. I’m glad to have them as my business best friend.
Lisa Steele
Executive Vice President, MLHC
Wendy Cromer
Bowe Digital makes my life easier because it gives me one place to go for all of my creative needs. My partnership with Bowe Digital a yin yang. I have all of these ideas that come to me but don't have the time or ability to bring them to fruition. It's great that the Bowe Digital team can be thrown ideas and have them jump on it and come back with wonderful ways to make my idea something we can use for our business.
Wendy Cromer
President - Security Title Insurance Agency
Wendy Cromer
I like working with Bowe Digital because they can take my vision and make it creative for my company. It's great to have this type of partnership where you don't have to overthink things. I just can call them and know it'll be done quickly and well with a bit of fun added in.
Wendy Cromer
President - Security Title Insurance Agency
Beth Ford testimonial
We have done our marketing in house in the past. And a lot of times,everything gets the priority and marketing goes on the back burner. We could not be more thrilled that we partnered with Bowe Digital. We know that we’ve gained a lot of new customers just from signing up with Bowe Digital. We can’t encourage you enough to work with Bowe Digital!
Beth Ford
Account Executive, Abstract & Title
Cynthia blair testimonial
Wayne and Bowe Digital has a great way of working with you to find your voice. The speeches their team wrote for me were unique, special and very comfortable for me. I wasn't reading a prepared speech, I was conversing with the audience. If you're hesitant about working with a speech writer, I encourage you to work with Wayne. He'll push you out of your comfort zone and create something authentically you.
Cynthia Blair
Lawyer - Blair Cato Pickren Casterline
Craig Haskins Testimonial
Bowe helps us create messages with vivid imagery to engage people with our company. They help us spread our message to media partners about what’s happening with Knight Barry. Whether we’re expanding or announcing a new product, the media relations has been tremendous.
Craig Haskins
Chief Operating Officer, Knight Barry Title