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Bowe Digital’s menu of services is a buffet of marketing opportunities,
and you can take as many or few as you need to meet your marketing goals.
Below is a sampling of our services to get you started.
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Email Marketing

Leverage your contacts and remind them about what you can do and how you can help with great graphics and video.

Our fastest growing service is email marketing. Your business likely has a list of customers that have used your services in the past. Let’s leverage those contacts and remind them about what you can do, how you can help and what special new services or staff they should know about. Setting up an email account and pressing send is easy—marketing to your customers with email isn’t. Let Bowe Digital help you get a jump start today.

Marketing Planning

Bowe Digital can help you create a 6 or 12 month marketing plan. Throw your checklist away and create a plan that works for you.

End the constant battle of checklist marketing. Let us help create a 6 or 12-month plan that outlines your messages and marketing tactics. Marketing doesn’t have to be a headache, especially when Bowe Digital is here to help you along the way.


Looking for more engagement with your audience or need new ideas to differentiate yourself in your market? Let Bowe Digital help with custom podcasts and videos!

Podcast and video views/listens are continuing to grow in the United States. You’d be surprised how many people in your life listen to a podcast or watch a tutorial video each day.

Bowe Digital can help you reach more engagement with your audience and provide new ideas to differentiate yourself in your market. We can co-create these podcasts or videos, or we can create a library on your behalf. Let’s brainstorm today on how we can help you!
content development

website development  & content

Bowe Digital is proud to offer custom, budget-friendly websites and content to customers in any industry.

If you haven’t updated your website in the past two years, today’s the day to do it. Bowe Digital is proud to offer custom, budget-friendly websites and content to partners in any industry. We’ll help make sure your content works in today’s mobile-friendly environment and ensure your website design makes sense to future customers looking for information about your company.

custom social media

Bowe Digital offers custom social media content unique to your business and market.

We prepare content weeks ahead and you are able to approve or request edits to all content.

Bonus: you also receive a dedicated text number to send us a photo/video from live events to have us post in real time.

Studio Days

Bowe Digital Studio Days are designed to allow our team to join you (and/or your customers or colleagues) for 4 to 6 hours of video recording. 

Most use this time in 20-minute time blocks to record Instagram Stories/Reels, TikTok videos, videos for email or website and much more.

Growth House Data Lists

Growth House is a sister company of Bowe Digital that can help your company reach new audiences via email marketing. 

No matter who you're wanting to reach or where in the country your business operates, Growth House will help communicate with new contacts in your target audience.
story arc - branding

story arc/branding

Everyone has a story. Let Bowe Digital help you craft a story that influences customers and wins new business.

One of our most popular services is our “story arc process.” It’s an evaluation that shows our partners how their customers and collaborators see them. Your company needs to differentiate itself from the guy down the street. We’ll show you how you can do that by asking those who know you best. We’ll talk to your current customers to see what they love about you and what your company can do better.

Then, we’ll help you press the gas pedal on crafting a story and brand that both highlights your strengths and makes you more attractive in today’s market. You’re better, faster and stronger than your competitors. Let’s show them how.
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press release
public relations

Creating releases and managing the media in your industry and community is no small task.

Bowe Digital can help craft press releases and manage your brand in the media by pitching stories, announcing new hires and company milestones, etc. to allow you to grow and become a thought leader for your business.
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speech writing

Whether you’re the president of a volunteer organization or a national association, Bowe Digital can create your speeches or remarks that reflect your style and tone.

We can take away the stress of coming up with your written remarks so that you can focus on what matters most in your leadership position.
speaking bubbles

on-site training & speaking engagements

We love sharing our expertise through any avenue that would be most effective for you and your team.

Whether it’s online or in-person, book the Bowe Digital team and use our knowledge and lessons to help your team remain on the cutting edge.

online meetings/events

Bowe Digital can help you host a virtual/online meeting or help you convert your traditional event to allow online participation. We can help with tech recommendations too!
Struggling on how to make your seminar, workshop or convention transform into an online format? Bowe Digital can help you host a virtual/online meeting or help you convert your traditional event to allow more participation online.

Bowe Digital can help with:
Full Event Hosting
technology recommendations
sponsor and vendor brainstorming
content development
speaker prep
speech writing
marketing and content design
employees on online conference

Digital check up

Our Digital Check Up identifies what's going well and where you can improve across your digital properties.
We’ll look at your website, email marketing, social media, blogs, newsletters and whatever else you have. Then the Bowe Digital team will evaluate their collective effectiveness for you. We’ll tell you what’s working and what’s not and give you concrete recommendations on where you should invest your time and resources going forward.
Note: If a Bowe Digital partner is working with us on additional projects, the paid “Digital Check Up” may not be needed. Much of this research exists in the prep work we complete to begin our partnership together.
planning meeting
Bradley Erb is the man with the plan; please contact him at to create a marketing meal to fill your plate. If you were looking for something specific but didn't see it, contact Bradley at for assistance. We can talk about your needs and how we can help, or we can point you in the right direction. We call that a win-win!

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