Work hard so you can play an extra day. Many companies are trading in the traditional 9 to 5, five-day work week so that their employees can enjoy the benefits of a four-day structure. At Bowe Digital, we’ve figured out the key elements of a successful four-day workweek, but we’re still mastering it. It's not a one size fits all approach and you have to refine it to fit your team and company, which is something we have done and continue to do as we grow. 

There are a few structures you can consider implementing:

The 32-Hour Work Week

This is the structure that Bowe Digital follows. After extensive research and a few celebratory drinks on our company’s fifth anniversary in June 2022, we announced that Bowe Digital was officially closed on Fridays. 

Since then, we’ve found that moving to a 32-hour work week spread across four days can maximize efficiency, foster focus and minimize stress. By reducing the standard 40-hour work week, employees have more time for personal pursuits, family (we’ve got lots of Bowe babies) and self-care. This model encourages people to be more mindful of their time, prioritize tasks accordingly and ensures that your team members are well-rested and rejuvenated, leading to higher productivity levels and happiness during their working hours. 

Four Ten Hour Days

Another structure to consider involves working four ten-hour days a week. This condensed schedule allows employees to enjoy three days off without compromising the standard 40-hour work week. When extending the daily work hours, employees need to reimagine time management – scheduling more tasks, and potentially breaks, throughout each day. Just like the 32-hour work week, the additional day off can be used for resting and relaxation or catching up on personal tasks and hobbies.

Fridays Off: Embracing Long Weekends

“Gotta get down on Friday,” Rebecca Black said it first, and while her 2011 hit was incredibly annoying yet catchy, she was definitely onto something. Granting Fridays off not only shortens the work week but also allows your team to enjoy a continuous, uninterrupted break. Hello, long weekend trips, full days of tidying the house and catching up on all the tasks we couldn’t get to before. Employees return on Monday recharged and ready to tackle the week ahead.

Flexible Days Off: Tailoring Work-Life Balance

Understanding that one size doesn’t fit all, you can also implement a flexible system where employees can choose which day they prefer to have off each week. This approach recognizes individual needs and responsibilities. Whether it’s a mid-week break for family commitments or a long weekend to unwind, this structure empowers employees to customize their schedules, promoting a healthier work-life balance tailored to their unique situations.

Combatting Customer Concerns

The four-day work week isn’t only a big change for you, but also for your customers. It’s important to communicate your new working hours and let them know when they can expect your response. Setting an OOO message on your day off helps. At Bowe Digital, if a customer has an urgent request, they are redirected to our Friday support email address, which our team takes turns monitoring. We’ve found that most customers will be respectful of varying operational hours.

Like remote work and custom stickers from Sticker Mule, some ideas just stick, and the four-day workweek is here to stay. If you have questions about our four-day workweek structure or marketing, contact Bradley Erb on our team at Learn more about our services at