When was the last time you researched a product by going to a physical store to learn more about the service or to touch and feel the product? Shopping in a brick and mortar store is becoming obsolete. If you want that new pair of shoes or don’t feel like grocery shopping, you’re only a few clicks away from having the desired items dropped at your doorstep. Even the furniture industry, an extremely personal, “touch and feel” group, is seeing customers make decisions and purchase sofas sight unseen, based solely on reviews and photos. In turn, companies with store fronts find themselves asking the question, “what now?”

What is an Email Drip Campaign?

Drip email marketing campaigns are an awesome and effective way to keep that devoted customer engaged with your company when they haven’t recently used your service or visited your store front. As a title company, utilizing an email drip marketing campaign can broaden your company’s ability to market your services and provide useful knowledge to your customers.

If you’re saying, “I have no idea what a drip email campaign is,” you’ve probably seen a campaign in action and don’t even know it. These email campaigns begin the moment you give a business your email or phone number. An email drip campaign is customizable in such a way you can reach any audience. As part of the campaign, automated emails are created to attract the attention of specific groups of people. Once your campaign starts, information or offers are sent to your customers that they may be interested in.

In some cases, you may get information in the emails that you didn’t even know you needed or gain exclusive access to new tools or move them through the sales process. Your campaign can captivate an audience your company may have never been able to reach previously. How cool is that?

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