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Over 100 million people will tune in for Super Bowl LVIII on Sunday night to watch the Kansas City Chiefs play the San Francisco 49ers. But we’ll let you in on a secret: it’s not because of the Chiefs' recent rise in PR – people will watch no matter who’s playing the game. The Super Bowl is one of the most viewed events every single year. What makes it so successful? There’s something in it for everyone. From the big game and halftime performances to highly anticipated commercials and spin-off events like the Puppy Bowl, there’s a lot you can learn, and Bowe Digital is here to help.

The Big Game

The Super Bowl is the grand finale of the 2024 season, and each element brings in a new audience. Football fans will watch the game to see how it all ends, Swifties will tune in for a glimpse or two of Taylor on the big screen, fans who’ve Got It Bad for Usher will stick around for his halftime performance and the people who “just hope both teams have fun” will welcome the excuse to gather with friends and eat football shaped appetizers. 

As game day approaches, the Chiefs and 49ers will study each other's game tapes and highlight reels. Sunday night, they’ll put on their uniforms, proudly displaying their team logos as they battle it out, and fans will do the same. 

Here’s what you can learn:

The events you attend may not be as big as the Super Bowl, but there’s no reason you can’t rep your team. Don’t miss an opportunity to show who you play for by wearing company gear whenever you’re on the go. Prep for events by creating a highlight reel or elevator pitch about your products or services and push it out on all platforms (use video!). Lastly, and this one might seem obvious, be friendly. Follow Jason Kelce’s lead by being so likable that even the other team’s fans cheer you on.

Commercials Worth Watching

One of the only times people will watch commercials without complaining is during the Super Bowl. Some successful ones include Kia’s robo-dog commercial highlighting their electric vehicles, Heineken’s commercial with Marvel Studios, and Best Buy’s ‘Asking Amy’ commercial, which aired during the peak of her show Parks & Recreation. What do they all have in common? They mimic the trends happening in real life–whether in pop culture or the world. Heineken, for example, chose to promote their non-alcoholic beverages despite being known as an alcoholic beer brand. They recognized that their audience was becoming more health and wellness-oriented and followed suit. These brands also decided to take a light and comedic approach despite difficult things happening in the world around the time they aired.

Here’s what you can learn:

It’s okay to try different things and target different groups of people. Not every email, post or blog needs to resonate with your entire audience. Play with pop culture, humor and nostalgia. Post a Drake meme like this one from Title Success and an educational video like this one from Southern Loan Servicing and see what happens. 

Always pay attention to the world around you and create contextually relevant content that people can relate to in the moment. For example, if you’re seeing a climate change trend in the news, take the opportunity to highlight the green initiatives or projects you’ve worked on. Use your best judgment when it comes to tone.

The Puppy Bowl

None of the football, all of the hype. On February 11, the same day as the big game, you can watch a feel-good competition between Team Ruff and Team Fluff to win the Lombarky trophy. While the televised event really just consists of adorable puppies and kittens running around aimlessly, it has a greater purpose. Animal Planet capitalizes on the attention that the Super Bowl generates to shine a light on animal adoption. All “players” are adoptable, and the event boasts a 100% adoption rate.

Here’s what you can learn:

Yes, it helps that puppies and kittens are adorable, but we think you’re pretty cute yourself. If a trending event or topic doesn’t seem directly related to what you do, you can still spin it to work for your company and draw more attention to your business. 

Let Super Bowl LVIII inspire you to try some super marketing tactics at in-person events, on social media and in your marketing collateral. Bowe Digital is here whether you need us to cheer you on from the sidelines or join your team to get you to the endzone with custom marketing. Contact Bradley Erb on our team at Learn more about our services at

Start off 2024 by increasing your marketing efforts. If you can’t afford a marketing company like Bowe Digital right now, that’s okay. We work with budgets of all sizes and try to be as flexible as possible for our customers, but humans are expensive. AI, like ChatGPT, is not. 

However, ChatGPT isn’t perfect. The Roomba runs into walls, Alexa will respond to her name even if it’s coming from the TV, (Schitt’s Creek fans get it) and ChatGPT lacks human creativity and causes occasional plagiarism problems. Still, it can be a great tool to use if you don’t have the budget for a marketing team right now or are just getting started.

Tips for Writing Effective ChatGPT Prompts

Writing for robots is a lot like writing for humans. The more information you give them, the more you’ll get out of it. Combine the following tips to come up with a single set of instructions.

Start by defining your project. Whether you're seeking content for an email campaign, social media ideas or a witty blog, a well-defined description, including the purpose of the project and intended audience, will set the stage for a more focused response.

Give ChatGPT All the Deets. Tell ChatGPT its role, providing a point-of-view for the AI tool to write from. Include any background information, statistics or facts, along with any key elements you want to be incorporated. 

Bring Your Vision to Life. “Your prompt should specify how the output response should be generated, including the tone, length, style and structure, as well as research that needs to be conducted,” as stated by Coursera. You should also include any additional rules and restraints.

Now, Let’s Put What We’ve Learned Into Action with Three Example Prompts.

1. Email Drip Campaign for Your Company

Prompt: "Craft a compelling email drip campaign from a [insert type of company], encouraging past customers to choose our [insert type of product or services] again. Highlight the benefits of repeat business and the ease of working with us. Keep the tone friendly and informative with a call to action at the end, and limit each email to 100 words."

2. Social Media Ideas and Captions for Your Job Title

Prompt: "Generate 10 creative social media post ideas and catchy captions for a [insert job title] to use, targeting [insert target audience]. Incorporate humor, if possible, and focus on promoting [insert product or services], sharing industry news, and engaging the audience. Consider using a mix of visuals and text to maximize social media impact."

3. Blog Post to Inform Your Customers About an Industry Topic

Prompt: "From the perspective of [insert company], create a 500-word blog post about [insert topic]. Incorporate humor, if possible, and include a quote from [insert resource] that supports the main ideas in the blog, which should be about [insert idea] and [insert idea]. Keep it engaging and relevant for industry professionals."To avoid filtering and plagiarism issues, always run your content through AI detectors like this one and platforms like Grammarly. For custom marketing from a company that knows your brand and you, work with the humans at Bowe Digital. Contact Bradley Erb on our team at Learn more about our services at

Video pairs with audio like Taylor Swift pairs with Travis Kelce. Bowe Digital has talked about the importance of using video in your marketing, and now we want to discuss the audio piece that goes with it. Incorporating trending audio and songs into your marketing is a great place to start and could get your social posts boosted by the algorithm to earn you more exposure. 

So how do you do it? TikTok curates a list of top trending songs every day. You can put a trending song on low or no volume behind any video and still see the benefits. However, we’d argue that with a little thought, any song can work for any business. We challenge you to think outside the box about how you and your business relate to memes, TikToks and songs you see daily. Turn your creative gears on, and let’s get started.

We’re Making a List (of ideas) and Checking it Twice

We’ll start with an easy one. Last week, Michael Buble’s “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas” was TikTok's fifth most trending song in the United States. With stomachs still full of turkey, users all over the U.S. filmed themselves making Christmas-themed drinks, breaking out the festive decor and showing off their best holiday outfits. They hopped on the trend, and you can, too. Creating video content to pair with holiday audio can be as simple as filming the Christmas decor in your office or your team in ugly holiday sweaters. Do you have a toy drive, collect cans or give back in any way during the holidays? If so, you’ve got another video idea ready to go! 

Don’t let the lyrics (gift) box you in. While Christmas is cheery and bright, it’s not always the easiest time to be in business, especially in industries like real estate. “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” in your office may look like fewer deals and less customer traffic, and it’s okay to be honest and poke fun at that in your marketing – it makes you relatable. Film your team lying around waiting for the next deal or showcase the training sessions you’re doing to sharpen your skills during the off-season. 

Songs for Any Business and Every Season

You’ve got the holidays down. Now, let’s take it up a notch. The number one trending song nationwide last week was “idyll” by Jonjthan. I know what you’re thinking…there’s no way that a song called “idyll” by a guy named Jonjthan (with a j where an a should be) has anything to do with my business, and while you’re probably right, it’s still possible to find some common ground, and we’ll show you how. The chorus of “idyll” goes as follows: 

Ⲓt’s this one thing that caught me slippin’

It’s this one thing, Ⲓ want to admit it (you did)

Ƭhis one thing and Ⲓ was so with it (Ƴuh)

Ⲓt’s this one thing you did, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh

So tell us, what’s got you slippin' at work? What’s one thing your customers do that’s got you trippin (in a good way)? If you can answer those questions, you’ve come up with an original idea for a video with trending audio. Maybe it’s your coworker making you coffee and handing it to you, your client bringing everything they needed to a deal or a great feature on your website. It doesn’t have to be a big idea for it to be a good idea, and you can look at other TikToks and reels for inspiration. 
Bowe Digital can help you develop ideas and bring them to life by putting videos and audio together for you. Contact Bradley Erb on our team at to discuss your marketing goals! Learn more about our services at

Worlds collided on Sunday as 12-time Grammy winner Taylor Swift cheered on two-time Super Bowl champion tight end Travis Kelce at the Chiefs game, where he made seven catches and scored a touchdown in their 41-10 victory over the Bears. Now, the internet is divided over the unlikely pair, who are rumored to be dating, and it has both the Swifties and football fans wondering if sparks are really flying between the two.

Naturally, Bowe Digital is more worried about what this budding relationship means for their prospective brands.

Taylor’s Version 

Taylor is notorious for her chart-topping breakup and love songs inspired by her star-studded list of exes. While her songs are wildly popular, it’s the marketing tactics behind them that sell out concert stadiums and create buzz on social media. 

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour generated 5 billion dollars in revenue using six main tactics we can all learn from. They offered exclusive items only available for purchase at the concert, followed organic community trends – cue the friendship bracelets (this will be important later!), listened to fans – adding more tour dates due to high demand, left hints on Taylor Swift’s website and social media, leaned into Taylor-themed side events and spread out the love on social, featuring things like ‘Get Ready With Me’ videos on TikTok, Stories during the concert and Instagram photo carousels days after. 

Taylor and her team also recognize the value of repurposing successful content. Knowing how much her fans loved the album Sparks Fly, she wrote Sparks Fly (Taylor’s Version). Likewise, following the success of her tour, her team repurposed it into a movie experience. 

Catching Kelce

Travis Kelce has been in the NFL for 11 years. In 2016, he scored a role on his dating show called Catching Kelce, but it wasn’t until the 2023 Super Bowl, where he faced off against his older brother Jason Kelce and won, that he started to gain the attention of people everywhere. Following his Super Bowl win, Travis was invited to host SNL, has starred in commercials, tried his hand at some modeling and most notably, started a podcast with his brother called New Heights with Travis and Jason Kelce. The football player capitalized on his newfound fame to build a lasting brand and now has the #1 most popular sports podcast on Spotify.

In Their (Chiefs) Red Era

So, how are Taylor and Travis helping each other score? First, let’s talk about how the two got together. A long-time fan, Travis attended one of Taylor’s concerts during her Eras Tour and brought a friendship bracelet with his number on it, proving just how good of a marketing tactic it was (we told you this would be important). Sadly, he didn’t get the chance to give it to her, but he shot his shot again and scored her attendance at the Sunday night game. 

Taylor and Travis are the best at what they do in their perspective fields, but little overlap exists. Their relationship exposes them to new audiences, with Taylor making her ESPN debut and Travis being discovered by Swifties everywhere. However, it does seem like Travis and the Chiefs got the better side of the deal. “Since Sunday’s Chiefs-Bears game, there’s been a 400% spike in Travis Kelce jersey sales, Kelce’s podcast ranks #1 overall on Apple, Kelce adds 383K Instagram followers, 24.3M viewers watched the game, 3x increase in ‘Chiefs’ searches on the web, 3x increase in Chiefs’ sales on Stubhub and Chiefs sold more tickets in a single day since the start of the season,” according to this Instagram post from Front Office Sports.

Whether this means we’ll see more football jerseys at the next Taylor Swift concert or sparkly outfits at the Chiefs game, we’re here for it. All we can hope for is more touchdowns, new songs and great marketing. Like Taylor and Travis, give people something to talk about by working with Bowe Digital. Contact Bradley Erb on our team at to discuss your marketing goals! Learn more about our services at

You’ve done the back-to-school shopping with your kiddos, teachers have shared their Amazon wishlists and set up their classrooms, and now it’s time to focus on you. However, just like the kids have ditched cursive writing for learning on laptops, you’ve traded in long commutes for remote work. Bowe Digital can help you become a remote-work pro, but today, we’re taking a page out of our teachers’ book. 

Teachers, we salute you! Not only for educating our little ones but also for taking them off our hands for a while. We admire your organizational skills, patience and knack for making your classrooms both functional and inspirational. 

While some of us may want to leave sharing Amazon wishlists to the teachers (they deserve it), these Amazon finds will help you revamp your home office space.

The Remote Worker’s Ultimate Amazon Wishlist:

  1. Desk chair:

Since you’re likely spending most of your workdays in it, a comfortable chair is non-negotiable. You can level up your existing chair with lumbar support pads and seat cushions like this CloudBliss seat cushion, or you can sit criss-cross applesauce like the kids with options like this aesthetic chair and this ergonomic one.

  1. Portable desk stand: 

For the days you don't want to get out of bed, leave the couch or the pool lounger, portable desk stands like this LapGear Lap Desk can make it easier to work from wherever you want. 

  1. Noise-cancelling headphones:

When the bus pulls up at the end of the day and the front door swings open, you can stay in the zone and block out the chaos (whether your work day is over or not - we won’t tell) with noise-canceling headphones. Try this budget-friendly option from JBL, or splurge on these Sony headphones.  

  1. Walking Pad:

In case working from home wasn’t hard enough, some people are adding walking from home to their resumes, too. Walking pads, or portable treadmills, have become a trend among remote workers on TikTok. You, too, can get your steps in while you work by purchasing a walking pad like this one. Of course, having a standing desk like this adjustable one by WOKA will make multitasking a bit easier. 

  1. Clip on ring light: 

No windows in your at-home office space? No problem. Achieve the perfect lighting for Zoom calls, video recordings and more with a clip on ring light. Try this dimmable option.

  1. Webcam cover: 

If you’re worried about your FBI agent watching your every move (if you know, you know), a sliding webcam cover like this one can help give you peace of mind and a little extra privacy when the cameras aren’t (supposed) to be rolling.

  1. Mug warmer:

Whether you’re trying to savor your morning coffee or you're just too busy to drink it before it gets cold, a mug warmer can keep it hot. Try this wireless one

  1. Slippers:

…Because we think they should be part of every work from home uniform. After all, working from home allows you to be business up top and comfort down below. Here are a few cozy slippers you should add to your cart: Ankis Fuzzy Memory Foam Slippers, Men’s Memory Foam Slippers and Retro Smiley Face Slippers.

We hope you and your kids have an amazing school year! At Bowe Digital, we’re passionate about what we do and can work with any budget. Contact Bradley Erb on our team at to discuss your marketing goals! Learn more about our services at

You could hire someone, or you could just do it yourself (DIY). Social media creators like @the_avantgarde and @angelarosehome have us believing that we can do just about anything on our own. The two badass women are transforming homes, building furniture and decor from the ground up and sharing their best home hacks so that others can join in.  

Sometimes business calls for a DIY, too. Canva is a great tool for businesses looking to do more marketing on their own! But no one said it would be easy. Like @the_avantegarde and @angelarosehome, Bowe Digital is here to guide you and share tips to help anyone get the most out of Canva.

5 Things to Take Advantage of:

Another tip? Save yourself more time by using keyboard shortcuts in Canva.

Ensure Your DIY Designs Don’t Flop

The best thing about a DIY design (besides its money-saving quality) is that you can make it completely your own. So go crazy – just not too crazy. These tips can help.

Taking the First Step 

Canva Free Account

Canva Free is a great option for beginners just trying their hand at design. You’ll gain access to over 250,000 free templates, basic editing features, over a million free photos and graphics and more. Just be careful you don’t get burned. If you’re using other marketing alternatives like Etsy to purchase templates, you may need the Pro version to access them.

Canva Pro

Do it like the pros. For just $12.99/month, you get unlimited access to premium design templates, over 100 million premium stock photos, videos, audio and more. Pro makes it easy to establish your visual identity with brand kits and more. Plus, you get the ability to resize designs, remove image and video backgrounds in one click and schedule social media content.

Canva for Teams 

DIY doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. Get all the features of Canva Pro, plus features designed to help teams of all sizes collaborate with ease, for $14.99/month total for the first five people. Scale your brand with centralized brand assets and guidelines, maintain consistency with brand Controls, brand Templates and design approval workflows, leave real-time comments and assign tasks, get team reports and insights and more. 

You Don’t Have to Do It Yourself

DIY isn’t for everyone. If you’re the type to call in a Task Rabbit or just don’t want to do it yourself, Bowe Digital will do it for you! We’re pros at custom marketing, and our expertise goes beyond creating one-of-a-kind designs.

Whether you work with us or not, we’re always happy to help! Contact Bradley Erb on our team at to discuss your marketing goals, set up a time to brainstorm ways you can utilize Canva to get through this phase of the market or set up a Canva demo for your team. Learn more about our services at

Listen up! No, really. Pop on your headphones or connect to your car’s Bluetooth during your next drive because you don’t want to miss what Wayne Stanley had to say about marketing on the FNF Unplugged podcast. 

The Fidelity National Financial Family of Companies’ Unplugged podcast was created to spark conversations with professionals across the country – exploring business topics and empowering personal growth in real estate, financial services and the title industry. In May, our Owner and Chief Inspiration Officer joined FNF’s marketing guru, Linda Grahovec, on the podcast for a two-part marketing series. Wayne has spent over 15 years in the marketing space. While his prior job experience and connections have helped Bowe Digital carve a niche in the land title industry, we work with small businesses ranging from mom-and-pop flower shops and small accounting firms to storage facilities, little bodegas, car washes and everything in between. 


In part one of the two-part series, Linda and Wayne discuss the importance of setting SMART marketing goals and explain how they help to shape your overall marketing strategy and guide your marketing plan (emphasis on guide because it should be flexible). Don’t worry…Wayne starts by defining what each is and what factors to consider. For example, who can give you more business this year? Versus who can give you any business at all this year? It’s okay to think big as long as you start small and uncover which individuals or groups you should focus on.

Sounds good, right? But if you don’t have a dedicated sales or marketing team, you’re probably wondering who this responsibility falls to. The two marketing experts go over the biggest obstacles in marketing and share ideas on how to get through them. Wayne touches on topics from your team’s role in market research, the budget-friendly tools and solutions available to you, how to take action on your ideas and the importance of testing messages, using the analogy “your marketing isn’t a gumball machine.” You can’t put a quarter in and expect to get the flavor you want on the first try. Marketing takes time, and your audience’s flavor preferences are constantly changing, so being able to pivot is key.

Listen to the full podcast here


It's time to start thinking beyond your website and focus on visuals in other mediums. In part two of the marketing series, Wayne talks about what’s working in today’s market and what’s not. He states that the four biggest marketing wins he’s seeing right now are marketing emails, LinkedIn posts, videos and public relations. But what kind of content works for each? And how often should you be sending them to your customers? Wayne shares the answers to these questions as well as the tools making content creation and design more accessible for non-marketing professionals. Those tools include Chat GPT (use with caution), Canva, Pixabay and his personal favorite, Gratisography.

Linda also sparks a conversation about how a business decides to hire someone internally versus hiring a company like Bowe Digital. While there’s no clear formula, it all ties back to your marketing goals and what you want to accomplish. Think about your work culture. Will an internal marketing person get pulled in different directions and put marketing on the back burner? Are you going to edit the “happy” to “glad” to get things just right? If so, is an external company willing to work shoulder-to-shoulder with you? What will the working relationship look like? Asking and answering these questions can help you make the right decision for your business. However, in most cases, an outside agency will probably be more cost-effective.  

Listen to the full podcast here

Also, here's a quick bonus read:!
Wayne Stanley and the rest of our Bowe Digital team are passionate about marketing, and we don’t believe in gatekeeping. Whether you work with our team or not, we’re always happy to discuss your business goals, talk about what’s happening in the market and help you brainstorm ideas. Contact Bradley Erb on our team at and start putting your big ideas into action! Learn more about our services at

Thanks to modern technology and a shift in work culture, many of us now have the freedom to work from anywhere, whether it be a cozy office, a hip coffee shop or a sun-soaked beach. As businesses try to maintain productivity and culture in this new work environment, we want to help!

At Bowe Digital, remote work is all we know. Our entire team has been working remotely since getting our start in 2017. We’ve also grown in distance, adding team members who live outside of Indiana. Everyone at Bowe has become a pro at working from home. So, grab your laptop, put on some pants (or don’t…we’re not judging), and join me on a journey through what we’ve learned.

Video is your friend.

Bread is bread. Who cares if it’s sliced or not? Instead, video is the best thing since face-to-face meetings. Video content has layers and reaches the emotional part of our brains. It’s been said that a one-minute video is worth 1.8 million written words. So if you’re not using it, you should be!

At Bowe Digital, we use video internally and externally, and we opt for Zoom meetings whenever we can. Getting your faces out there helps grow connections within your team and reminds your customers that real people are behind every transaction they have with you. I know video can be scary. We weren’t all born to be TikTok stars (Thank God), but here’s a reminder that you are your own harshest critic. If you’re brave enough to talk to people in the world every day despite your hair not being perfect, stuttering over a word or two or just not liking the sound of your voice, you’re brave enough to do it on video. Start by sending a BombBomb video to a friend or hopping on a quick Zoom call with a colleague. 

Have meetings often.

Internal Meetings 

Just because you’re remote doesn’t mean you have to meet with your team every day. If it can be sent in an email, just send an email. However, internal meetings are a time to connect, grow and get on the same page. Use small group meetings to think strategically, talk about your customers and break down what’s working and what’s not. Use full team meetings to share company news, complete training sessions and update each other about your week. At Bowe Digital, we try to keep it fun by giving different people the chance to lead and asking questions that range from “What’s your favorite thing about Spring?” to “Would you rather burp glitter or fart glitter?” 

External Meetings 

When it comes to your customers, you should be setting clear expectations. Remote or not, communication is the key to a successful partnership. Ask your clients about their preferences –  do they want to hear from you over email, the phone or a Zoom call? Once you know that, set up a recurring meeting. The goal is not to waste people’s time, so do your research before every call. It’s also wise to set an expectation about how quickly customers can expect a response from you outside of scheduled meetings. 

Take advantage of online tools.

We’re not above having one hundred tabs open, but we suggest those tabs consist of tools to keep your assignments, communication and schedule in order. Some of the tools our team uses daily are, Gmail, Slack, HeyOrca and Canva.

Show your appreciation for each other. 

Celebrate each other's wins! I may be biased, but I have a kick-ass team, and their kick-assery goes beyond the great work they do. Never hesitate to lift your employees and colleagues up and thank them for the little and big things they do daily. At Bowe Digital, we have #teamlove and #partnerlove channels on Slack, dedicated to sharing good news from our partners and giving each other well-deserved kudos when they’ve done something great.

Make time for non-work related fun.

Follow the advice of Wiz Khalifa (a very reputable source, obviously) and “Work Hard, Play Hard.” There’s no post-work drinks or lunchtime chatter when you work remotely, so it’s important to carve out time for fun. In our experience, that’s how you really get to know and trust one another. 

Our Bowe Digital team has bonded over many gut-wrenching losses while competing in March Madness this season, enjoyed mimosas and brunch together on Zoom and made the most of our in-person meetings. We’ve gone to Indianapolis Indians baseball games with our families, celebrated more Bowe babies than I can count and learned who can carry a tune…and who can’t at Karaoke. Through these experiences, we’ve become less like a team and more like a family, and family can go the distance in remote business. I would know; I work with my mom. 

Be a pro like Bowe. At Bowe Digital, we’re passionate about what we do, and we work with any budget. Contact Bradley Erb on our team at to discuss your marketing goals! Learn more about our services at

Professional networking, like dating, has gone digital. Whether you’re swiping on Tinder, Bumble or Hinge or looking for connections on LinkedIn, not everyone will be your match. For many users, you may end up going on 50 First Dates, but we find comfort in knowing that Drew Barrymore herself uses the apps to meet people too. 

LinkedIn offers a space to network with people without the heartbreak. Networking can help you strengthen your personal brand, form connections with other industry professionals who can help you further your career, gain valuable insight, stay up-to-date with trends and explore new job opportunities. While Bowe Digital can’t ensure that you’ll be lucky in love, we can help your business. Today, we’re sharing our advice for networking on LinkedIn.

Make Your Profile Look Legit

Stranger danger is real, ya’ll. With stories like the Tinder Swindler on Netflix, we’ve got trust issues when it comes to meeting people online, and can you blame us? If your profile doesn’t make a good first impression, viewers will swipe left and move on to the next one, because, let’s face it, they’ve got options. 

A complete and polished profile will help win people over and reassure them that you’re authentic…and that they won’t end up on an episode of Catfish. Fully completed profiles result in 40 times more opportunities, according to LinkedIn. Here’s what to include to make your LinkedIn profile stand out (in a good way):

Find Your People

Not everyone is going to be your match, and that’s okay! Find people you have things in common with and request to connect with them. If that sounds intimidating, start by connecting with people you know and trust. LinkedIn allows you to upload your address book from email. Joining groups is another great way to find your people. This resource from LinkedIn suggests starting with volunteer organizations, associations you belong to and school groups. Try reaching out to alumni or previous mentors and professors (they love connecting with students and other alums).

Send the First Message

Whether you’re sending a friendly note alongside your connection request or asking another professional for advice, make it custom. If you’ve met them in person, tell them where, who you met them through or what organization you have in common. If this is your first interaction, do your research. You can use LinkedIn Advanced Search and company pages to learn about the background and interests of the people you’re contacting. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to make the first move. LinkedIn is a professional community where many people are willing to connect and help each other learn and grow. 

Update Your Status

Professional status: ready to mingle. Produce and share content that is engaging and sparks conversation. Try getting in front of the camera and posting a video, share an article and include your thoughts or post pictures of you and other professionals at an industry event. Never miss an opportunity to tag other people. You’re a catch, and you can remind the people in your network of that by updating your status regularly.

Start building your professional community today, and feel free to connect with our team! If you need more help, Bowe Digital is here for you! We can develop custom solutions to increase your presence on social media platforms, including LinkedIn. Contact me at to get started! Learn more about our services at

After a long or stressful day at work, sometimes you just need something strong to help take the edge off. So take a seat at the Bowe Digital bar, and order a drink. We’ll mix it up; your drink choice will say a lot about your business’s marketing. 

Today’s Cocktail List:

Old Fashioned 

Wayne’s Hot Tip: Wayne’s tip for the best Old Fashioned, beyond great bourbon, is the cherry and he loves this brand most.

It’s in the name…Old Fashioned. An Old Fashioned is a straightforward and strong drink with no surprises. For many people, it does not go down easy, which is not a good thing when it comes to drinking or marketing. Old-fashioned marketing is as plain as the water that goes into the drink. It does not change with the times and isn’t as popular with younger crowds. If you’re not using social media or incorporating video and eye-catching graphics into your marketing, this might be the drink for you. 

However, we recommend you keep browsing the list for a new cocktail.

Whiskey Sour

The Whiskey Sour is loved by some and hated by others. It’s controversial for its sour taste and that optional egg white (because why??). It’s a risk, which in marketing doesn’t always pay off. However, it works better in some industries than others. The fast food restaurant Wendy’s, for example, has seen success from its sassy personality on Twitter, which you can find examples of here. The restaurant bravely roasts its customers and competing companies, which earns them varied responses. If this sounds like your marketing, then we suggest you chug, in case it goes too sour!


Heather’s Hot Tip: If you’re like Heather, you want a Marg with less sugar. She suggests you skip the pre-mix stuff. The best marg is tequila, fresh lime juice and a tajin rim.

The Margarita is fun; it has no rules. Like great marketing, it can be customized to the customer likes. We can make them sweet, skinny or spicy. We can salt or sugar the rim, offer different flavors and put them in any glass you’d like. Not a tequila drinker? Try vodka. If your marketing is one-of-a-kind and tailored to reflect the likes and dislikes of your audience, then cheers! This is the drink for you and for us, too!

At Bowe Digital, the margarita is our specialty. We can make it any way you’d like. Our team of experts stays up-to-date on trends and knows what works to make a perfectly balanced marketing strategy that isn’t old-fashioned or too sour. Contact me, Bradley Erb at to mix up a custom marketing plan that’s unique to your business! Learn more about our services at